We have to talk about it eventually, that dreaded interior design budget subject. When I’m meeting a new client, I find sometimes that they are reluctant to talk budget. It’s not always a comfortable topic- but it really is a necessary one. I guess it ‘s a trust issue and I understand that. I’ve been known to hold onto that information myself! In reality though, it’s a guideline. When I know what you want to invest in a project, I know how to direct my research. I know where to best put your money. We can layer a few key “quality” pieces with other less expensive/ less important pieces. Key pieces like the sofa your family will LIVE on- needs to combine durability and style (that costs $) The chair in the corner that looks great but nobody really sits in doesn’t have to be made of steel- or break the bank. A budget is a reality check- sometimes a project needs to be done in stages- the plan can be laid out and fulfilled over time. If you’re comfortable spending what you’ve allocated, then it makes sense to invest wisely and get the best results.

And finally- lets talk value- think of the benefits of your new space – how your family will reunite for Sunday dinner or how easy it is to keep a new kitchen clean- or if you connect your new family room to the kitchen- how everyone can be a part of the process when you gather with your loved ones. The next time you think about the interior design budget subject, remember you can’t put a dollar amount on this type of value- it’s about how you FEEL in your new space- this makes it all worth it!