Why use an Interior Designer? Good question! There’s so much information available online and on HGTV- of course, you can do it yourself!

But be prepared…

I received a call last Saturday from an old client- she sounded a bit sheepish and a lot frantic. I had designed their kitchen a few years ago and she was definitely a satisfied customer! Even wrote me a wonderful letter thanking me for all my efforts, attention to detail and beautiful end result. Her dilemma at the moment, was that she had embarked on a “smallish” project in her family room- “smallish” yet pivotal as a focal point in the room! Her old “peely painted ” fireplace surround needed a facelift. She was armed with lots of pictures and hired a contractor who had some “great” ideas- after all, he had worked with lots of designers who were doing really creative things with reclaimed wood and there was no need to bring a designer in. Together, they had it under control!

Here’s where things get dicey… The contractor removed and trashed the old mantle-(vintage and pretty cool as it was) and replaced it with a slab of “reclaimed” wood just like he said he would and just like my client had seen on HGTV. It looked awful! Amateurish, unfinished- out of scale- just awful. The idea was interesting- the execution was not. Still curious as to why use an interior designer?

If I had been commissioned to do this job- my process would have been very different- I would have done thorough research, illustrated clearly what we were doing- made sure the scale was good and the materials were right for the job- I would have checked slab samples and selected the “perfect” piece-I’d have made sure that the carpenter I work with interpreted the look I wanted clearly and nothing would have been demo’ed before the design had been finalized. The execution would have exceeded the initial idea. That’s what you get when you hire the right person to do the right job.

I can sew a bit- but I would never attempt to stitch up your leg if you cut it badly- Call a doctor!

I can bake bread- but I would never expect it to be as tasty and attractive as the bread from the fabulous Italian bakery down the block.

I know a little about the law- but don’t call me if you need a lawyer to bail your son out of jail (kidding!)

but I think you get my drift (or I hope so any way!)

Hire the right professional to do the right job!