Why use an Interior Designer?

Why use an Interior Designer? Good question! There’s so much information available online and on HGTV- of course, you can do it yourself! But be prepared… I received a call last Saturday from an old client- she sounded a bit sheepish and a lot frantic. I had designed their kitchen a few years ago and  … Read more

That Dreaded Budget Subject

When I’m meeting a new client, I find sometimes that they are reluctant to talk budget. It’s not always a comfortable topic- but it really is a necessary one. I guess it ‘s a trust issue and I understand that. I’ve been known to hold onto that information myself! In reality though, it’s a guideline.  … Read more

Cherish boxes for our fur family

I recently met a woman who created the most evocative mosaics. Her home and studio were covered with these really beautiful glass art pieces. A friend of hers asked her to do a mosaic of their recently deceased dog. Pam Hott- the artist poured her heart and soul into the piece and mounted it on  … Read more

Pink Room Gala

Well, October 23rd has come and gone. It was a really exciting day and evening- press conferences, big reveal and Gala- what a day! Attached are photos of the finished “Pink Sweet” aptly coined by Holiday Inn Express owner John Tsunis. My daughter Emma DeBobes donated a painting for the event which has been selected  … Read more

April is Autism Awareness month

I think every month should be Autism Awareness month How can we not be aware of this huge and growing segment of our society?- We are all touched in some way. Either as family members, caregivers, loved ones and members of the spectrum itself. Even as spectators, watching people we know trying to figure out  … Read more